Sunday, July 17, 2005


The Complexity of the Simple Sex

Men complain that women are too hard to figure out.... that we have too many thoughts and feelings, and it irritates the shit out of them when we want to talk about them. But for men to be the "simple sex" - the gender with a one-track mind - they ceartainly are difficult to figure out sometimes. Or are they? Men have gotten the reputation of having nothing but sex on the brain.... or at least once every 4 minutes (or is it 6 seconds?). So do we, as women, just assume that every man is thinking of sex and nothing but?

The idea of "meeting a man" after last call is so cliche. So when my crush ends up in the bar I'm in at 1:45am, what do you think is going to happen? I honestly had no idea, b/c I had no idea whether or not he liked me. So when we're all over at my apartment drinking after the bar closed, and he says he's going to crash at my place, I assume he means on the couch or my big chair b/c he's been drinking. Maybe I was naive, but I honestly didn't give it a second thought. Then, when several of us are watching a movie, and he says he's going to sleep, imagine my surprise when he gets up and goes straight for my bedroom.

So say a man is just looking for an easy lay.... when the evening reaches that point and he backs off, was he really looking for just sex but decided to be a gentleman and backed off when he sensed you weren't willing, or is he actually interested in you as more than just sex on a Friday night? We didn't have sex. My thoughts.... "I like this guy and would like to see him again, and I don't think that having sex with him right now is a good way to ensure that I'll even have a chance at seeing him again." His thoughts.... well, your guess is as good as mine.

I hope you get it figured out!! I wish I could help you more, but Im as clueless as you at this point. Im about ready to give up on guys altogether...
Play it cool, girl. You should at least get dinner out of it next time. ;)
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