Thursday, August 25, 2005


No Parking

After 5:00pm. A restaurant across the street from my office has the right to take control of the curb in front of their doors, kicking out the meter parkers for valet purposes. That's all fine and dandy, except that I have yet to see anyone come up and use the valet services of this restaurant. I'm parked in one of those spots. It's 5 minutes to 5:00. Do you think that if I'm not there, pulling out of my spot right as the second hand hits twelve, there will be a two truck waiting for me? Or do the valet guys have some kind of "citizen's arrest" type privilege to write me a ticket? Part of me wants to tempt fate, just to see. But the other part of me.... the part of me on a budget.... just says to go get in my car and leave well enough alone.

I never want to tempt the fate when it comes to parking spaces...people up here sure are possessive of their parking! Sometimes I miss the parking lots of Texas...expansive, conveinent, and FREE.

But then I snap to my senses! Parts of Texas are just that, a big parking lot, and I sure do love the vegetation growing here...I think they're called "trees."
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